Jurassic Park Theme

Uplighter Hire

£20.00 -Rental Price

Alice In Wonderland Theme

Balustrade Prop

Après Ski Prop Hire

Moose Prop

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Merino Sheep Head Up

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Piglet Prop Sitting

Farm Animal Theme

Fox Prop

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Cow Prop – Brown

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Giant Frog Prop

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Small White Pony Prop

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Life-Size Cow Prop

£195.00 -Rental Price

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Life-Size Shetland Pony

£160.00 -Rental Price

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Galloping Horse Prop

Jungle Safari Animal Prop Hire

Shire Horse Prop

Farmyard Animal Prop Hire

Chestnut Horse Prop

Jungle Safari Animal Prop Hire

Maple Tree 200cm

Jurassic Park Theme

Maple Tree

£200.00 -Rental Price

Alice In Wonderland Theme

Cherry Blossom Tree

Jungle Safari Animal Prop Hire

Wooden Bridge Prop

Traditional Christmas Theme

Wishing Well Prop

Jungle Safari Animal Prop Hire

Oak Barrel Hire

£35.00 -Rental Price

Exhibition Game Hire

Selfie Swing Hire

£350.00 -Rental Price

 English Country Garden Theme Prop Hire for Timeless Events

Step into a world where the rustic charm of the English countryside meets the elegance of a bygone era with our English Country Garden Theme Prop Hire. Imagine your event space transformed into an enchanting garden, brimming with the beauty and tranquility of a pastoral paradise.

Our exquisite collection of props is thoughtfully curated to embody the timeless allure of an idyllic English garden. Vintage garden furniture, from ornate wrought-iron benches to classic wooden chairs, invites your guests to relax and soak in the serene atmosphere. Each piece tells a story of elegance and simplicity, perfect for creating intimate seating areas or picturesque photo opportunities.

Archways of wrought iron, adorned with climbing roses and lush greenery, create a romantic backdrop, framing each moment with natural grace. These archways serve as a gateway to a world where nature’s beauty takes center stage, guiding guests along a path of floral enchantment.

The heart of our collection lies in the charming floral arrangements, a vibrant tapestry of colors and textures. From the soft pastels of English roses to the bright hues of wildflowers, each arrangement is a celebration of nature’s palette. These blooms are artfully arranged in rustic planters and delicate vases, adding a touch of elegance to tables, walkways, and every corner of your event space.

No English garden would be complete without the quintessential tea set. Our delicate china, adorned with floral motifs and gold trim, awaits your guests for a moment of leisure and luxury. Paired with our rustic wooden planters and antique garden tools, these tea sets create a scene straight out of a countryside tale.

As your event unfolds, let your guests be swept away by the charm of our English Country Garden props. The air, filled with the sweet fragrance of blossoms, the gentle clink of china, and the soft

Contact Us: Ready to turn your event into an alpine adventure? Contact Boutique Party Hire at 0208 087 3788. Let us help you create an unforgettable winter wonderland full of style and ambiance.