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    Essential FAQs for Boutique Party Event Hire

    Prop Delivery Questions

    Dry hire refers to our service where props are delivered and collected by a single driver at a designated loading bay. It’s important to note that the hirer is responsible for providing assistance with unloading and loading these items. For those who need additional support, we also offer an installation and de-rigging service to help set up and take down the props.

    Our products are meticulously delivered to ensure they reach your event in pristine condition. We utilize a fleet of vehicles specially outfitted for the safe transport of party hire items. Each item is handled with care by our seasoned drivers, who guarantee secure loading and unloading at your event venue. For added convenience, we will call or text before arrival to ensure a smooth and coordinated delivery.

    Some of our props come pre-assembled, but others will need to be put together upon delivery. For guidance on which items require assembly, please get in touch with our sales team. Keep in mind, if our installation service isn’t selected, assembling the props at your event venue will be your responsibility

    Boutique Party Hire offers comprehensive services that include not only the delivery of your props but also their setup. Additionally, we can assist with the dressing and theming of your venue to ensure a cohesive and stunning event atmosphere. Please note that all installation and de-rigging services are priced individually to cater to your specific needs.

    Yes, you have the option to collect the props directly from our warehouse, saving on delivery costs. Please note, this is strictly by appointment only. It’s essential to use a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate the props, ensuring their safe transport without damage. We advise checking with our team in advance to confirm if your vehicle is suitable for the size and nature of the props you plan to collect.