Shimmer Wall Hire

Uplighter Hire

£20.00 -Rental Price

Christmas Prop Hire

Giant Candy Bar Photo Opp Hire

£300.00 -Rental Price

New Arrivals

Easter Egg Chair Hire

£450.00 -Rental Price

Traditional Christmas Theme

Giant Carrot Prop

£90.00 -Rental Price
£7.00 -Rental Price

Display Tables & Plinths

Sweet Cart Hire (Wooden)

£180.00 -Rental Price

Celebrate the joy of Easter with our delightful Easter Theme prop hire! Transform your event into a springtime wonderland filled with the charm of bunnies, eggs, and blooming flowers.

Our Easter Theme props include pastel-colored decorations, whimsical bunny figurines, Easter egg displays, and floral arrangements. Whether you’re planning an Easter brunch, a community egg hunt, or a festive gathering, our props will add a touch of seasonal cheer to your celebration.

Create a visually enchanting atmosphere with our range of props designed to capture the essence of Easter. From festive banners to adorable chick decorations, every detail is crafted to evoke the freshness and renewal of spring.

Let the event unfold like a joyful egg hunt, where the air is filled with the scent of flowers, and every corner reveals a delightful Easter surprise. Explore our Easter Theme prop collection and turn your celebration into a whimsical experience that embodies the spirit of renewal, joy, and the beauty of the season.