Barbie Theme Event Prop Hire: Create a Fashionable, Fun-Filled Fantasy

Display Tables & Plinths

Pink Vanity Table

Jungle Safari Animal Prop Hire

Uplighter Hire

£20.00 -Rental Price
£100.00 -Rental Price

Barbie Theme

Barbie Box 6.5ft

£300.00 -Rental Price

All Event Furniture Hire

Velvet Pink 2 Seat Daisy Accent Chair

£150.00 -Rental Price

Pink Theme

Umbrellas Pink

£65.00 -Rental Price

All Event Furniture Hire

Pink Easel

All Event Furniture Hire

Dining Table High Gloss White

£95.00 -Rental Price
£125.00 -Rental Price

All Event Furniture Hire

Pink Antique French Style Table

£125.00 -Rental Price
£170.00 -Rental Price

All Event Furniture Hire

Bean Bag Pink Hire

£16.50 -Rental Price

Acrylic Backdrop Hire

Pink Acrylic Backdrops

£250.00 -Rental Price
£200.00 -Rental Price
£150.00 -Rental Price
£180.00 -Rental Price
£5.50 -Rental Price
£5.50 -Rental Price
£5.95 -Rental Price
£5.50 -Rental Price
£70.00 -Rental Price
£5.50 -Rental Price
£40.00 -Rental Price
£20.00 -Rental Price
£6.00 -Rental Price
£450.00 -Rental Price

Corporate & Office Party Entertainment

Pastel Pink Adult Bouncy Castle

£295.00 -Rental Price

Barbie Theme Event Prop Hire in London and Nationwide

Experience the charm and style of Barbie with our Barbie Theme Event Prop Hire. Ideal for birthday parties, bridal showers, and any celebration seeking a sprinkle of glamour, our collection immerses you and your guests in the iconic and colorful world of Barbie. It’s perfect for both children and adults who adore the timeless elegance of Barbie.

Our Enchanting Collection: Our props capture the essence of Barbie, blending nostalgic charm with contemporary chic. The collection includes:

  • Life-Size Barbie Box: Create a unique photo opportunity and centerpiece.
  • Pink and Glittery Backdrops: Set the perfect scene for your event.
  • Fashionable Accessory Stands: Add a touch of Barbie’s style to your decor.
  • Array of Pastel Props: From signature Barbie pink to a range of pastel hues, our props create a fabulous and playful atmosphere.

Key Features of Our Props:

  • Elegance and Style: Each prop is designed to reflect the stylish world of Barbie, adding an element of sophistication to your event.
  • Quality and Safety: Crafted with care, our props are not only visually stunning but also safe and durable.
  • Customizable to Your Theme: We offer customizable options to align our props with your specific event theme and color scheme.
  • Effortless Hiring Experience: Our simple booking process includes delivery, setup, and removal, ensuring a seamless experience.

Versatile for Various Celebrations

Our Barbie-themed props are versatile, making them an excellent choice for adult parties, bridal showers, and corporate events seeking a unique theme. They’re designed to appeal to both the young and the young at heart, making every event a fashionable celebration.

Create Your Dream Barbie-Themed Event

Whether you’re envisioning a classic Barbie ambiance or a modern interpretation, our Barbie Theme Event Prop Hire will elevate your event to a memorable and stylish extravaganza. Embrace the world of Barbie and craft an event that’s both fun and fashionable. Get in touch to bring the magic of Barbie to your celebration!