Cotton Candy Floss Vending Machine 

The Candy Floss Vending Machine Phenomenon at the Advanced IT Services Exhibition at London ExCeL


Imagine stepping into the bustling halls of the London ExCeL for the Advanced IT Services (AIT) exhibition, only to be greeted by an innovation that sweetens your experience in the most enchanting way. Boutique Party Hire brought this vision to life with our pioneering Cotton Candy Vending Machine Making its debut amidst the technological showcases and excitement of the Advanced IT Services (AIT) event, this machine offered attendees not just a sweet treat, but a journey into a world of customization and innovation, with 40 unique flower-shaped candy floss options. This blog explores how our  became a beacon of innovation, transforming the exhibition experience and setting new trends in event catering.

The Exhibition at London ExCeL:

The London ExCeL, a venue renowned for hosting prestigious exhibitions, provided the perfect stage for the Advanced IT Services event. This gathering attracted a diverse audience, from tech industry professionals to families, all eager to discover the latest in IT innovations. Amidst this backdrop of technological marvels and discovery, the candy floss vending machine emerged as a standout attraction, offering a unique blend of nostalgia and modern technology.

The Star of the Show: The Candy Floss Vending Machine:

At the heart of our exhibit for Advanced IT Services (AIT)  was the Cotton Candy Vending Machine, a marvel of modern technology capable of creating 40 distinct flower-shaped candy floss treats. Beyond offering a delightful snack, this machine engaged attendees in a visual and interactive experience unparalleled at the event. The ability to choose from a wide array of flower shapes allowed for a personalized touch, making each candy floss creation as unique as the individual who selected it.

Audience Engagement and Reaction:

The excitement surrounding the Cotton Candy Vending Machine at the Advanced IT Services exhibition was palpable. Attendees lined up to try their hand at creating their custom candy floss, with the feedback overwhelmingly positive. Many marveled at the machine’s innovative approach to a classic treat, and social media buzzed with pictures and videos of the colorful candy floss flowers, further amplifying the machine’s impact and appeal.

Why It Captured Attention:

The Cotton Candy Vending Machine captivated attendees for several reasons. It represented a perfect marriage of nostalgia and innovation, appealing to a tech-savvy audience with its blend of traditional sweetness and cutting-edge customization. The interactive element of selecting and watching your personalized candy floss being made added an experiential layer that complemented the innovative spirit of the Advanced IT Services event. Furthermore, the visual appeal of the flower-shaped candy floss created Instagram-worthy moments, making it a social media sensation.


The debut of the candy floss vending machine at the Advanced IT Services event at the London ExCeL was a resounding success, underlining Boutique Party Hire’s commitment to innovation and customer engagement. This event has set a new benchmark for what attendees can expect from technology exhibitions and has opened up new possibilities for enhancing the event experience through creative catering solutions.

Call to Action:

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