Bubble House and Selfie Pod for Fanta

A Pop of Fun: Boutique Party Hire Elevates Fanta Pop Chips Event at London’s Southwark Riverside

When Fanta teamed up with Pop Chips for a vibrant, fun-filled promotional event, Boutique Party Hire was thrilled to deliver unique entertainment solutions that captured the essence of both brands. The event, expertly planned and designed by Dazzle & Fizz, took place along the picturesque Southwark Riverside in London, drawing a lively crowd eager to experience the latest in interactive fun.

Boutique Party Hire’s Branded Bubble House

At the heart of the event was our eye-catching Bubble House—an inflatable, transparent dome that was custom-branded for Fanta Pop Chips. Situated with a stunning view of the Thames, the Bubble House provided a whimsical world of color and light, creating an immersive atmosphere that perfectly echoed Fanta’s playful spirit. The location not only enhanced the visual appeal but also added to the enjoyment, as guests relaxed and mingled within sight of iconic London scenery.

The Photo Self Pod: Capturing Memories

To complement the whimsical setup, Boutique Party Hire introduced the Photo Self Pod, a high-tech photo booth designed to let guests capture and share their experiences in real time. Customized to feature Fanta and Pop Chips branding, the Photo Selfie Pod provided fun props and backgrounds, enabling guests to create vibrant, share-worthy photos. The instant social media integration allowed the event’s excitement to be broadcasted live, extending the experience beyond the venue to online followers.

Collaboration with Dazzle and Fizz

Working alongside Dazzle & Fizz was an extraordinary opportunity to blend our expertise in party entertainment with their renowned event planning prowess. The synergy between our companies ensured that every detail, from the visual design to the flow of activities, was seamlessly coordinated to enhance the guest experience and promote brand engagement.

Why Choose Boutique Party Hire?

At Boutique Party Hire, we pride ourselves on our ability to create bespoke entertainment solutions that resonate with our clients’ themes and branding needs. Whether it’s a corporate event, a promotional launch, or a private party, our team is dedicated to providing innovative and engaging entertainment options that make each event unique.

Let’s Make Your Next Event Unforgettable

Planning an event that needs a special touch? Contact Boutique Party Hire today to discover how we can help bring your vision to life with our custom entertainment solutions. From branded bubble houses to interactive photo pods, we have the creativity and technology to make your next event a standout success.

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