Pretty Little Thing’s Event Highlight: The Branded Prize Crane Experience in London


Last week in London, fashion met fun in an extraordinary way at Pretty Little Thing’s latest event. Among the glitz and glamour, one star shined particularly bright – a custom-branded prize crane that not only captivated guests but also perfectly encapsulated the brand’s playful and trendy essence.

The Idea Behind the Prize Crane

Incorporating a prize crane at a corporate event might seem unconventional at first, but for a brand like Pretty Little Thing, it was a perfect match. Known for their bold approach to fashion and marketing, this installation was more than just a game; it was an interactive brand experience. The crane, adorned with the iconic pink and black colors of Pretty Little Thing, wasn’t just a backdrop; it was a dynamic participant in the event, engaging guests in a unique and memorable way.

Design and Branding

The crane was meticulously designed to resonate with the brand’s identity. The vibrant pink hues complemented by sleek black accents not only aligned with Pretty Little Thing’s aesthetic but also stood out as a visual spectacle. The branding was subtle yet impactful, with the company’s logo strategically placed to maximize visibility without overpowering the overall design.

The Experience and Engagement

As guests tried their luck at the crane, the air buzzed with excitement. Each attempt was not just a play for fun prizes but an engagement with the brand’s playful side. It encouraged interaction, not just with the machine but among attendees, fostering a sense of community and shared enjoyment. This interactive experience went beyond mere entertainment; it became a talking point, a photo opportunity, and a physical embodiment of the brand’s ethos.

Impact on the Event

The inclusion of the branded prize crane transformed the event from a typical corporate gathering to a memorable brand experience. It demonstrated Pretty Little Thing’s commitment to innovation and its understanding of the power of experiential marketing. The crane became a symbol of the brand’s dedication to creating moments that resonate with their audience, blending the lines between fashion, fun, and direct consumer engagement.


Pretty Little Thing’s event in London was a testament to the brand’s creative vision and its ability to connect with its audience in unique ways. The branded prize crane was not just a game; it was a statement—a playful, engaging, and visually stunning representation of what the brand stands for. As attendees left with smiles and stories, it was clear that the prize crane was more than just a hit; it was a memorable addition that perfectly captured the essence of Pretty Little Thing.

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