Exhibition Games Ideas

Exhibition Game Ideas

Exciting Exhibition Game Ideas for ExCel London and NEC Birmingham: Cash Grabber and Prize Cranes


ExCeL London and the NEC Birmingham are two of the United Kingdom’s most prominent exhibition venues, hosting a wide array of events, from trade shows and conventions to product launches and entertainment expos. To stand out at these bustling venues and engage attendees, organizers often incorporate interactive and entertaining games into their booths. In this blog, we’ll explore two popular exhibition game ideas that have been making waves: Cash Grabber and Arcade Prize Crane.

  1. Branded Cash Grabber

The Cash Grabber game is a thrilling and attention-grabbing attraction that can enhance any exhibition booth’s foot traffic and engagement. This game involves a transparent booth filled with swirling cash or promotional items, and participants are given a limited time to grab as much as they can. Here’s how it works:


  • A transparent booth is set up in your exhibition space, filled with money (real or fake) or valuable promotional items like branded merchandise.
  • A fan system creates an updraft, causing the money or items to float around inside the booth.


  • Participants are given a limited time (usually 30 seconds to 1 minute) to step into the booth.
  • Their objective is to grab as much money or as many items as they can within the time limit.
  • A timer counts down, and participants must strategize to catch the items in the swirling air.


  • The participant who collects the most money or items is declared the winner.
  • You can offer a prize for the winner, such as a gift card, a valuable product, or exclusive access to your services.

Cash Grabber is an exciting and visually captivating game that generates a buzz around your booth. It creates a sense of competition and encourages attendees to visit your exhibit, increasing your brand exposure.

  1. Prize Cranes

Prize Crane Hire, also known as claw machines, are a classic and addictive game that can draw attendees to your booth and keep them engaged. These machines are typically filled with small, desirable prizes, and participants must use a joystick to control a claw that attempts to pick up a prize and drop it into a chute. Here’s how to make it work for your exhibition:


  • Place one or more Prize Crane machines in your booth.
  • Fill the machines with a variety of appealing prizes, which can include branded merchandise, gadgets, or even vouchers for your products or services.


  • Participants pay a small fee (usually a token or coin) to operate the machine.
  • They use a joystick to maneuver the claw over their chosen prize.
  • Once positioned, they press a button to lower the claw and attempt to grab the prize.
  • The claw may release the prize into a chute, where the participant can collect it.


  • If participants successfully grab a prize, they get to keep it as a souvenir or gift.
  • You can also offer special prizes for those who win multiple times or have a leaderboard to track the most successful players.

Prize Cranes are both entertaining and addictive, making them a fantastic way to keep attendees engaged at your booth. The anticipation and excitement of trying to win a prize can generate a lot of foot traffic and interest.


ExCeL London and the NEC Birmingham are prime locations for exhibitions and events, and to make the most of your booth, it’s essential to offer engaging and interactive experiences for attendees. Cash Grabber and Prize Cranes are two popular exhibition games that can help draw crowds and create a memorable experience for visitors. By incorporating these games into your exhibit, you can increase your brand’s visibility, engage potential customers, and leave a lasting impression on event attendees. So, consider integrating these exciting game ideas into your next exhibition to make it an unforgettable experience for all.


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