Strike A Light Game Hire

£380.00 -Rental Price

Strike A Light Game Hire

Looking to spark some friendly competition at your event? Our Strike A Light Hire is the answer! With two exciting game modes, LED scoreboard, and customizable branding options, it’s perfect for exhibitions, corporate events, and more. Get ready for some interactive fun!

Strike A Light Game Hire

Looking to add some competitive fun to your next event? Our Strike A Light Hire is the perfect choice. Whether it’s an exhibition, corporate event, or evening function, this interactive game will keep your guests entertained and engaged. Here’s why it’s a hit at any event:

  • Two Different Game Modes: Choose between 30 seconds of non-stop light bashing where players compete to strike the most lights, or “Strike it Back” mode where players knock their lights over to their opponent. The first player to strike all their lights to the other player wins!
  • LED Scoreboard and Timer Display: Keep track of scores and time with ease, adding to the excitement of the game.
  • Bespoke Branding Available: Make the Strike A Light your own with custom branding options, perfect for promoting your brand or event.
  • Suitable for 2 Players or 2 Teams of 2: Encourage friendly competition among guests or employees with the option for team play.

From corporate team building to university events, the Strike A Light Hire is versatile and sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Contact us to hire this exciting game to your next event.

What's Included

Equipment Included with Strike A Light Hire:

  • 1 x Strike A Light station
  • Power Lead

Experience the thrill of friendly competition with our easy-to-set-up Strike A Light station. Perfect for keeping guests entertained at any event!


Equipment Specifications:

  • Size: 1.2m wide x 1m deep
  • Operational Area Required: 2.2m wide x 2m deep
  • Power: Access to one 13amp standard socket required (generator hire available)
  • Staff: Adult supervision required (Fun Expert hire available)
  • Number Of Users: Up to 4 at a time

Bespoke Branding

Bespoke Branding: Make your mark at Exhibitions and Promotional Events with our Strike A Light game. Capture the attention of crowds with the irresistible challenge, while your branded Strike A Light draws them closer. Showcase your brand or logo on the skirt of the game, ensuring your presence is noticed and remembered.

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