Dance Machine Hire

£495.00 -Rental Price


Energize your next event with our Dance Machine Hire! Perfect for team building, corporate events, and seasonal parties, this arcade-style dance machine encourages guests to compete in a dance-off to their favorite tracks. Featuring a wide selection of music across all genres, an ultra-bright LED display, and a high-quality speaker system, it promises to keep your guests entertained and engaged. Explore additional fun with our range of arcade games and attractions, perfect for any celebration.


Dance Machine Hire – Bring Excitement and Competition to Your Next Event

Add a burst of energy and friendly competition to your next gathering with our Dance Machine Hire. Ideal for corporate events, team-building activities, house parties, and even seasonal celebrations, the arcade dance machine offers not just fun but a lively challenge for all attendees.

Engaging Entertainment for Everyone Whether it’s a Halloween bash, a Christmas party, or any festive occasion—imagine the delight in watching Santa himself show off his dance moves! The dance machine challenges guests to mimic dance routines shown on the screen, stepping on the dance mat in sync with the rhythm.

Features of Our Dance Machine Hire:

  • Extensive Music Library: With a diverse range of tracks from classic disco to rock anthems, our dance machine caters to all musical tastes and genres.
  • Interactive Fun: Perfect for enhancing your guests’ coordination and dance skills while providing heaps of laughter.
  • High-Quality Equipment: Includes a vibrant ultra-bright LED display and a top-notch speaker system to keep the party going.

Not Just Dance Machines! Looking to diversify your entertainment options? We offer a variety of arcade games to complement any event:

  • Retro Game Hire: Dive into nostalgia with classic games.
  • Prize Crane: Add thrill with a chance to win prizes.
  • Air Hockey: Fast-paced action that lights up your venue.
  • Photo Pod Hire: Capture memories with our indoor photo booth, perfect for family fun days and all types of celebrations.

Explore More with Boutique Party Hire Enhance your event by browsing through our other categories for additional products and games that perfectly match your event’s theme and vibe.

At Boutique Party Hire, we’re committed to making your event spectacular with quality, reliability, and endless fun. Contact us today to book the Dance Machine or explore other entertainment options that will elevate your celebration.

Bespoke Dance Machine Info

Bespoke Dance Machine Hire for Corporate Events and Exhibitions

Elevate your corporate events or exhibitions with a custom-branded Dance Machine from Boutique Party Hire. Our dance machines can be personalized to reflect your brand’s identity, making it not just an entertainment centerpiece but also a powerful marketing tool.

Dance Machine Personalization Options:

  • Custom Branded Game: Transform the dance machine into a unique brand experience with full-color digital printing. Tailor the appearance with your company’s logo and colors to enhance brand visibility and engagement.Pricing: Starting at £250+VAT.
  • Magnetic Leader Board: Boost the competitive spirit with a custom Magnetic Leader Board. Positioned prominently on the side of the dance machine, it’s perfect for showcasing top scores and participants, encouraging ongoing participation throughout your event.
  • Hire Dance Mats – Logo Panel: Extend your branding to the very step of interaction. Our dance mats can feature logo panels with full-color digital printing, easily applied and removed to suit your event’s theme.Pricing: Starting at £75+VAT per panel.

These bespoke enhancements are perfect for making your event stand out, offering both fun and a unique brand exposure opportunity. Contact Boutique Party Hire today to discuss how we can tailor our dance machines to your specific needs and help make your next event a memorable one.