Cut the String to Win Arcade Game

£495.00 -Rental Price

Cut the String to Win Arcade Game

Unleash the excitement with our “Cut the String to Win” Arcade Game, perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of thrill to their events! This game is all about timing and precision. Simply tap the free play button on the cabinet to start, and prepare to test your reflexes. The goal? Release the button at just the right moment to cut the string and watch the star prize drop—if you succeed, the prize door swings open too! But be warned, timing is everything. Cut too early or too late, and you’ll miss out!

Ideal for All Events: Whether it’s a private gathering or a corporate event, this game is sure to draw a crowd. Looking for a more permanent entertainment solution? Consider our long-term hire options complete with a card reader for venues.

Hire Cut the String to Win Game Now! Don’t miss the chance to feature this captivating game at your next event. Show off your skills, win exciting prizes, and provide unforgettable fun for your guests!

Bespoke Branding

Bespoke “Cut to Win” Game Branding Options

Elevate your event with custom branding on our “Cut to Win” arcade game. Tailor the game to match your event’s theme or corporate identity with several branding options:

  • Bespoke Branded Internal Panel: Enhance the internal panel with a digital print. Easily applied and removed after use. Add £135 + VAT.
  • Branded External Panels: Customize each external panel to align with your branding needs. Add £135 + VAT per panel.
  • Branded Front & Side Panels: Opt for a full wrap of the front and side panels for maximum visibility.
  • Full Machine Wrap: Achieve the ultimate bespoke look with a full wrap that covers the entire machine. £495 + VAT.


Cut 2 Win Game Size & Specifications

Ensure you have the right space and facilities to host the exciting “Cut 2 Win” arcade game at your next event. Below are the detailed dimensions and power requirements:


  • Width: 530mm
  • Depth: 780mm
  • Height: 2050mm

Operating Area:

  • Width: 2800mm
  • Depth: 2100mm

Power Requirements:

  • Requires a single 13amp power socket.