Bubble House Branded

£1,995.00 -Rental Price

Branded Bubble House Branded 


Our Branded Bubble House is not just an attraction; it’s a brand-building opportunity that offers memorable experiences. Contact us to bring this innovative feature to your next event and watch as your guests immerse themselves in the world of your brand.

Branded Bubble House Branded 

Branded Bubble House: Elevating Brand Presence with Interactive Entertainment

Discover the ultimate engagement tool for your next event with our Branded Bubble House – a distinctive and immersive way to boost brand awareness while providing entertainment. Ideal for promotional events and corporate gatherings, our Bubble House stands as a unique attraction that captures attention and enhances your brand’s visibility.

Perfect For Various Event Types:

Our Bubble House is versatile and suitable for a range of events, including:

  • Corporate Events: Enhance your corporate gatherings with a touch of innovative fun.
  • Promotional Events: Stand out and make a lasting impression during promotional activities.
  • Weddings: Add an exclusive and playful element to your special day.
  • Office Parties: Bring a unique twist to your office celebrations, fostering team bonding and enjoyment.

Engaging Bubble House Game:

To add more excitement, we offer the Bubble House Game – an engaging challenge for guests. Inside the Bubble House, we place 80 balloons, among which is one winning balloon of a different color. Participants have 30 seconds to find this winning balloon, adding a competitive and fun aspect to your event.

What’s Included in the Branded Bubble House Package:

  • The Bubble House: A captivating space for guests to explore and enjoy.
  • Branded Balloon Garland: Adorning the bottom of the Bubble House, enhancing its visual appeal.
  • Assorted Balloons: Included for the interior of the Bubble House, contributing to the game and overall aesthetic.
  • Branded Entrance Sign: A customized sign around the entrance, ensuring your brand is front and center.
  • Game Timer: To manage the Bubble House Game, ensuring fair play and excitement.

If you have any questions or would like to Hire our Branded Bubble House talk to our team today. You can either use the following details or complete the form on our contact us page or simply add to quote.