Delivery and Installation

Delivery and Installation Guide by Boutique Party Hire: Ensuring Smooth Setup for Your Event

At Boutique Party Hire, the safety and satisfaction of our clients are paramount. While the delivery and installation of our party equipment present challenges, our commitment to health and safety, coupled with outstanding customer service, guides us through. We need your collaboration to ensure these processes go smoothly. Please read this guide and inform us about any logistical considerations that could impact delivery and installation.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Parking for Loading/Unloading: Where is parking available for loading and offloading? It’s essential to avoid illegal parking to prevent tickets.
  • Size of Loading Bay: Ensure the loading bay is adequately sized for our vehicles.
  • Parking Permissions: Advise us if specific parking permits or passes are required, especially in controlled areas like trade shows.
  • Access Dimensions: Verify that the access points are wide and high enough for our vehicles.
  • Ground Conditions: For setups on grass, inform us about any arrangements in case of muddy conditions.

Transporting the Equipment

  • Weight and Mobility: Our party equipment is typically heavy but designed for mobility with castors. We generally plan for one-person handling.
  • Distance to Venue: Measure the distance from the parking area to the event space.
  • Path Surface: Inform us if the path involves gravel, sand, grass, or any soft surface that might hinder transportation.
  • Doorway Measurements: Ensure doorways are wide enough for the equipment, based on the minimum width requirements listed for each item.

Lifts and Stairs Considerations

  • Lift Dimensions: Provide the measurements of the lift, including door width, height, and internal dimensions.

Stairway Navigation

  • Photos and Dimensions: Send us photos and dimensions of the stairs, including width, number of steps, and total length.
  • Clearance and Landings: Measure the height clearance and dimensions of any landings or turns.

Preparing for a Successful Setup

  • Early Communication: Notify us early about any potential delivery and installation challenges.
  • Venue Readiness: Ensure the area for equipment setup is prepared before our crew’s arrival.

Our Professional Crew

  • Training and Equipment: Boutique Party Hire employs professionally trained crews equipped with necessary PPE.
  • Safety Focus: We strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines to ensure a secure setup.

Boutique Party Hire is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and safe experience for your event. Your proactive communication and cooperation are key to a successful setup. We are excited to be a part of your celebration and are committed to making it an outstanding experience.