Fallow Deer – Fawn Standing Prop

Introducing our charming Fallow Deer Fawn Standing prop, available for hire to bring an air of elegance and enchantment to your events! This intricately crafted prop perfectly captures the grace and curiosity of a standing fawn, making it an exquisite addition for various occasions.

The Fallow Deer Fawn Standing prop is an ideal choice for nature-themed weddings, garden parties, and photo shoots where a touch of wildlife charm is desired. With lifelike detailing and a poised stance, this prop adds a touch of sophistication to your event, creating a picturesque setting for photos and ambiance.

DIMENSIONS 114 × 44 × 119 cm

If you have any questions or would like to Hire our deer prop talk to our team today. You can either use the following details or complete the form on our contact us page.