World’s Largest Space Invaders

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World’s Largest Space Invaders

Shoot down invading ships and protect your cannons in the iconic arcade classic, now reimagined as the World’s Largest Space Invaders! Available for short or long-term hire, perfect for events. Advertise your location or promotions on the massive screen. Experience nostalgia and excitement like never before!

World’s Largest Space Invaders Hire

World’s Largest Space Invaders

Experience the iconic arcade classic, reimagined in the form of the World’s Largest Space Invaders, also known as Space Invaders Frenzy!

Objective: Shoot down invading ships while protecting your cannons at the bottom. Accumulate points before your cannons are destroyed. Earn bonus points by shooting enemy invaders and UFO ships.


  • Updated take on the original Space Invaders
  • Massive screen for immersive gameplay
  • Win the “Invader Bonus” by reaching the targeted score
  • Compete for a spot on the high score table

Hire Options: Available for short-term or long-term hire, perfect for events, parties, or entertainment venues.

Advertising Feature: Utilize the huge screen to advertise your location, promotions, or personalized messages.

Immerse yourself in nostalgia and excitement with the World’s Largest Space Invaders! Contact us now to book for your next event.