Need For Spend Take Down Arcade Machine

Need For Spend Take Down Arcade Machine Hire

Gear up for an exhilarating new chapter in the Need for Speed saga. Making a grand return to the arcade scene after over a decade, the latest addition, NFS Heat Takedown, is now ready to rev up your gaming experience. This immersive arcade game plunges you into the thrilling world of underground street racing, all from the comfort of the gaming arena.

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Need For Spend Take Down Arcade Machine

Key Features of the Commercial-Grade Street Racing Arcade Machine

  1. Type: Commercial-grade arcade machine specialized in street racing.
  2. Supercar Selection: Players can choose from an array of 5 iconic supercars: Porsche 911, Corvette GS, Ford GT, Lamborghini Aventator S, and the Nissan GT-R.
  3. Racing Tracks: Compete across 5 thrilling races on diverse tracks including Ocean Drive, Cross Mountain, Winx, Axiom, and Tumbler.
  4. Collision Mechanics: Features epic collision mechanics that enhance the racing experience.
  5. Interactive Experience: Equipped with interactive seat vibrations to simulate real driving sensations.
  6. Multi-Player Connectivity: Ability to connect up to 4 machines for competitive multiplayer racing.
  7. Dynamic Display: Boasts a dynamic LED billboard marquee complemented by a micro-LED panel for vivid visuals.
  8. Realistic Design: Realistic console design featuring a steering wheel and pedals to mimic the actual driving experience.
  9. Speed Boost: Includes a Nitrous button to give players a speed boost when needed.
  10. Audio System: Fitted with impressive surround sound 5.1 speakers for an immersive audio experience.
  11. Built-in Camera: Comes with a camera to capture in-game moments.
  12. Privacy Feature: Ensures privacy as photos are deleted after each game session.

This arcade machine is perfect for creating an immersive and exhilarating street racing experience, bringing the thrill of high-speed car racing into the arcade setting.