White Round Plinth Hire

White  Round Plinth Hire

Elevate the elegance of your event with our White Plinth Hire service, offering a classic and versatile option for events throughout London. These pristine white plinths are ideal for creating a sophisticated display for artworks, sculptures, awards, or event signage, blending seamlessly with any event theme or décor.

 White Round Plinth Hire

Our White Plinth Hire service in London provides a sleek and modern platform to highlight your event’s focal points. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, an exhibition, or any special gathering, our white plinths offer the perfect backdrop to showcase your items with elegance and style.



Available Sizes

  • 30-50cm: This compact size is perfect for smaller displays or as an accent piece within a larger arrangement. Its circular design adds a modern twist to any event space.
  • 35-70cm: Offering a medium height, this plinth is great for drawing attention to featured items without overpowering the surrounding décor. It strikes a perfect balance between subtlety and statement.
  • 45-90cm: For those looking to make a significant impact, our largest black round plinth provides a commanding presence. It’s ideal for centerpiece displays or as a standalone feature that demands attention.