Ski Lift Photo booth

£995.00 -Rental Price

Ski Slope Photo Booth Hire

Ski Slope Photo Booth Hire

Capture the magic of your winter event with our exclusive ski lift photo booth. Elevate your celebrations to new heights as guests enjoy panoramic views while striking fun poses. Our high-quality, snow-covered backdrop creates unforgettable memories. Book our ski lift photo booth for an extraordinary alpine experience today!”

The price is based on 1 day hire, we offer discount on longer hire periods.

If you have any questions or would like to hire our Ski Lift Photo Booth talk to our team today. You can either use the following details or complete the form on our contact us page.

Ski Slope Photo Booth Hire

Elevate Your Après-Ski Themed Event with the Ultimate Ski Lift Photo Booth

Transform your event into a memorable alpine adventure with our unique Ski Lift Photo Booth. Designed to capture the spirit of the slopes, this bespoke photo booth experience is the perfect addition to any Après-Ski themed event.

Authentic Alpine Ambiance

A Rustic Log Cabin Design: Our photo booth takes inspiration from the cozy charm of a wooden log cabin, complete with an authentic Ski Lift Chair from the Alps. This meticulous design not only serves as a stunning visual centerpiece but also immerses your guests in the winter wonderland experience.

Interactive Experience

Dynamic Ski Lift Chair: Unlike any other photo booth, our Ski Lift Chair simulates the gentle, side-to-side sway of a real ski lift, adding a layer of fun and authenticity to the photo-taking experience. This interactive feature ensures guests are fully engaged and enjoying the moment.

Ski-Themed Props and Attire

Dress Up for the Slopes: We provide an array of ski-themed clothing and props, allowing guests to dress up and get into character for their photo session. From cozy winter gear to skis, every element is designed to enhance the Après-Ski atmosphere and make each photo unique.

Engaging and Memorable

Shared Fun: Designed for two guests at a time, the Ski Lift Photo Booth offers a shared experience that’s both intimate and fun. It’s about more than just taking a photo; it’s about creating lasting memories with laughter and excitement, against the backdrop of an alpine adventure.

Professional Quality Photos

Instant, High-Quality Keepsakes: Equipped with the latest photo technology, our booth delivers instant prints of professional quality. These photos are not just keepsakes; they’re vivid reminders of the fun and unique experience your guests had at your event.

Perfect for Any Winter-Themed Event

Our Ski Lift Photo Booth is the ideal feature for corporate events, private parties, winter weddings, or any gathering with an Après-Ski theme. It promises a playful, memorable addition that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on all your guests.

Book the Ski Lift Photo Booth Today

Make your Après-Ski themed party unforgettable with our Ski Lift Photo Booth. Contact us now to book this one-of-a-kind photo booth experience, and ensure your event is the highlight of the winter season. Let’s create extraordinary memories together that are as vivid and lasting as the winter itself.